Law Enforcement TASER® X26 Weapons are refurbished*** and fit for the demands of law enforcement duty

Used TASER X26
TASER® Refurbished*** X26

Item# 26050
Retail Price: $999.00 - Lowest Price!

TASER® X26E model refurbished*** to look like new includes a Right Hand Blackhawk™, Blade-Tech™, or Safariland™ Duty Holster, DPM Battery, and a 15' Yellow or 21' Silver or 25' Green Cartridge

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Used TASER M26

Item# 44001
Retail Price: $499.95 - Lowest Price!

With Laser Sight In Stock for Immediate Delivery - Includes eight AA Duracell™ Alkaline Batteries, a Reversible Light Weight Tactical Nylon Duty Holster, or Shoulder Holster or Carry Case upon request.

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Item# 22003
Retail Price: $1,399.99 - Lowest Price!

Fully tested and ready for law enforcement duty with a One-Year warranty** includes PPM Battery, Two 15' or 25' Law Enforcement Cartridges and a RH Blade-Tech™, Blackhawk!™ or Safariland™ Duty Holster!

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A TASER Conducted Electric Weapon fires from a safe distance of up to 15 feet away or more. That is much safer than an ordinary stun gun which must be held forceably against the skin. TASER CEWs are more effective and completely immobilize by sending pulsing current through the body between two penetrating projectiles. In police studies TASER CEWs have a higher instant incapacitation rate than even a 9mm hand gun!

All of our refurbished*** TASER Weapons are thoroughly tested beforehand and refurbished*** to look like new and guaranteed to work when you need them. We offer a 30-DAY Money-Back Guarantee and a comprehensive ONE-YEAR warranty** on all refurbished*** TASER Weapons unless otherwise noted. We ship them with the new batteries containing the latest software** and refurbish them to look like new!

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We cater to U.S. law enforcement agencies, corrections institutions, peace officers, constables, deputies and other individual law enforcement officers, security officers and other licensed professionals and individuals as dictated by law. We sell to law enforcement and qualified civilians in all 50 states, and to some U.S. territories. We do not sell to Guam, Canada or anywhere else outside the U.S.A. We confirm every order, and verify identity when shipped to a residence. We sell and ship to all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. However, we ship only TASER Accessories to MA. We verify every order with a background check where required by law, and collect personal identification information to negate any intent or likelihood that our products would be used unlawfully.

Accredited Security is a Division of Accredited Financial Services, a Nevada Corporation. Accredited Financial Services has been a Member of the Southern Nevada Better Business Bureau since 2006. TASER® is a Trademark of the Manufacturer Axon, formerly TASER International, Inc. Accredited Security does not offer a warranty* on TASER CEWs through TASER International, Inc., nor is warranty* on a purchased and refurbished*** TASER CEW offered or honored by TASER International, Inc. Accredited Security is not affiliated with the manufacturer TASER International, Inc. Accredited Safety™ is a Trademark of Accredited Financial Services, LLC.

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